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Lyrics for Two Sons.

Lyrics for Open Book.

Lyrics for Someday.

Lyrics for Together Days.

Lyrics for Rainy Day.

Lyrics for Cinderella.

Lyrics for Through the Vines.

Lyrics for Francie Nolan.
Girl From Ipanema (Fun Version)


New Song: "Nightbird"
Gigging on Bicycle, Short Video
New Song: "Loving Eyes"
"Shapeshifter", with Leila Lopez
New Song: "Only You"
Gigging on Bicycle, Full Video
Rainy Day | Eugene Boronow Trio
Gentle Giant | Eugene Boronow
Spaghetti Western | Eugene Boronow Trio
Two Sons | Eugene Boronow Trio
Someday | Eugene Boronow Trio
Everyone Fooled - Natty & The Sunset
AZ - Natty & The Sunset
Do What I Please - Natty & The Sunset
Performing "Favela" at Revel
NPR Tiny-Desk Contest, 2018
Performing "Francie Nolan" at La Cocina
Performing "Someday" at Cartel
At Tucson's Ted-X Event